User Experience Designer
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Bloom Market

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My Role

Project manager : helped our team implement an Agile framework for producing deliverables and keeping the team in line with deadlines

Designer : created the final app designs, presentation slides for sharing research information (personas, journey maps, bloom mart map)

The Team

Anna Frederikse

Chris Bailey

JC Fennell

Abby Iberkleid

Gwen Leister

What I Learned

By working in a large team for this project, we had some trouble gaining traction for where we wanted to go as a group and how we wanted to solve this open ended prompt we were given. Through about 6 weeks of research, failed ideas, and advisement we found a direction and discovered a valuable opportunity space to solve. Through having such a large team we were able to divide up the final deliverables and each work on something that we were passionate about.

If given more time, I would run more user testing on the app and system as a whole. I think there were some holes in the solution that we could have solved for earlier on if we had done more testing with our user base.

*all icons retrieved from nounproject