User Experience Designer

Festival Site ReDesign

Website ReDesign of the Fraiser Valley Food Truck Festival

How Might We: Create  a more engaging and easy to navigate website for the attendees of the festival. 

In this assignment for Graphic Design we were challenged to work with a partner and redesign a website. We created the wireframes and Lo Fi Prototypes individually and handed them off to our parter to finish developing.  This was a great lesson in creating clear prototypes for someone else to bring through the finish line.

The Home Page Comparisons 

Original Site 


Our Designs 

The About Us Page Comparisons 

Original site

fvfoodtruckfestival   ABOUT.png

Events Page Comparisons 

original site

our designs 


Our designs 


Sponsors / Gallery Comparison 

original site 

fvfoodtruckfestival   SPONSORS.png

The Contact Us Page Comparison

original site 

our designs 


our designs 


Overall I think the more cohesive color scheme and typography considerations improved the overall feel of the website. Additionally adding some more intuitive design changes helped to make the site more user friendly. If given more time, I would have liked to do some user testing on Hi Fi Prototypes before fully rendering the site. As well as some user testing after the designs were finished and implemented. But overall it was a great team working experience and good practice in designing for another team member to finish developing.