User Experience Designer

Home Depot Internship

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User Research internship

I worked at Home Depot as a User Researcher on an independent project research Pool owners. I learned the Jobs to be Done research method and implemented it into the amount of time I had for the summer.

I organized and conducted 12 user interviews through UserInterviews and UserTesting, learning to write accurate screener questions and manage scheduling between everyone attending the session.

After each interview I wrote a short analysis using the categories outlined in the JTBD method, Drivers, Success Factors, Current Behaviors, Pain points, and Opportunities. I discovered a few different personas through the analysis that would be crucial for the team to understand when redesigning this experience.

Finally the culminated research resulted in an atlas for each team member to have on hand while moving forward, ensuring the user will remain at the center of their designs.

At the end of the 10 weeks, I presented these findings to the VP of online and his direct reports, as well as the team taking the baton for the pools redesign.


What i learned

Time management : I was given the opportunity to be my own project manager which was great experience in how to gauge time and spread out work appropriately over 10 weeks.

User Research : I came into the summer with limited knowledge of UR and learned an abundance working under a Sr. Researcher, gaining my own experiences in running customer interviews, and analyzing for insights.