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Water scarcity 

For this assignment, I decided to compare two articles from the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. I found that article six and fourteen were quite relatable in that they both faced issues related to water scarcity and how to address that head on. I strongly believe that every human being has the right to clean drinking drinking water and the fact that those needs aren’t being met is devastating. I hoped that though this design it would catch the viewer and inform them about this issue. Many of us who live in America are ignorant to this problem because we have easy access to water any time we need, unlike those in impoverished countries.



Cover page, I cut out the colored pieces and those were windows into the page underneath which was aligned with those colors. 


Booklet about Adrian Frutiger

For this project, I started by doing some general research on typographers. I realized I enjoyed how practical Adrian Frutiger’s work was and chose him for this research. I found it interesting hwo his work was focused around transportation and creating an easier experience for the passengers.

As I was beginning to chose a color scheme for this booklet, I started by researching the time period Adrian Frutiger was working in. I found that some of the trendy outfits in photos from the 1980s included these grey blues and purples. I decided to keep each spread to a color scheme but still incorporate a few colors from the overall color scheme. I chose to use Avenir as my body copy as an example of the typeface for the reader.

Throughout this process I learned a lot about body copy editing and how to adjust the spacing, alignment, and other specific things such as hyphenation. These tools will be fundamental in future process books or booklet projects I will do.